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Introducing 3Rs Support from Regional Programme Manager at the NC3Rs

3 July 2019

Dr Ellen Forty has recently been appointed as Regional Programme Manager for UCL, the Royal Veterinary College and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the NC3Rs (

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nc3rs.org" target="_self">www.nc3rs.org.uk).


NC3Rs Regional Programme Managers are co-funded posts, providing dedicated advice and support on the 3Rs at the project, research group, departmental and institutional levels. Ellen will be working with colleagues across the three institutions to bolster ongoing 3Rs initiatives, to assist in identifying new opportunities and to coordinate the sharing of best practice. Ellen is able to provide a wide range of support to researchers whose work will ultimately benefit the 3Rs, including: 

  • advice addressing the 3Rs in grant and project licence applications,
  • training opportunities, for example on good quality experimental design and reporting,
  • research funding opportunities - from project grants to early career awards.

Please do get in touch with Ellen (ellen.forty@nc3rs.org.uk) with any 3Rs or NC3Rs queries you might have.