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PyRAT (Python-based Relational Animal Tracking) is our animal management system for the UCL establishment licence.

PyRAT is developed by Scionics and is regularly updated with new features as well as being looked after by a dedicated support team. It is a web-based software which can be accessed with a UCL log-in from any location. 

Animal management systems are a vital tool in animal research. They support our dedication to the 3Rs by recording all data relevant to both the animal and the experiment, as well as tracking the welfare of the animal itself. It allows users to see their training records and also prevents work being done without correct training. They also give us valuable pedigree data, so we can track the welfare of the whole strain of animal rather than just one individual. 

At UCL, we use PyRAT for all of these reasons, but also to ensure fair and accurate charging for work done across our facilities. We deliver invoices every month to our project leads and give access to greater financial tools inside the system.  


To log into PyRAT, go to this link and click on 'SSO login'. You will need to enter your UCL credentials once and will be taken to the alias screen. At this screen, click 'Set Alias' with no alias selected and you will be taken to your animal screen.


Guides and training to the system can be found on our intranet, those with access can get to this here.

PyRAT is currently on version  4.6.1 at UCL. Please refer back here to find out any future updates.

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