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UCL Establishment Licences integrated

18 June 2017

The Home Office have granted a new Establishment Licence for UCL integrating the three establishment licences formerly in place.

UCL Facility  

This affords a unique opportunity to enable greater research collaboration at UCL. All existing internal arrangements for the individual establishments will continue to ensure that the specialist research continue to be appropriately supported. UCL will continue to operate four AWERBs - Bloomsbury, Neurology, Royal Free and Ophthalmology. Named roles will continue for each area. 

The principal advantage of the single licence is that it facilitates the movement of project licences and, therefore, animals around UCL. Previously, there was a need to have additional licence availabilities to carry out work at other UCL locations. This is no longer the case. A single licence will also help to further promote standard approaches to the way UCL works under ASPA.

There is no need to amend project licences to reflect the change in establishment licence. Project licences granted under Bloomsbury, Royal Free, Inst of Ophthalmology and Inst of Neurology establishment licences continue to authorise procedures and do not need to be amended.