UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Research Projects

A list of current and past research projects, all of which are collaborations with industrial partners


Project titleResearcherSupervisor(s)/Industrial Partner

3D measurement of fouling in membrane filtration: towards model based investigation and design

Piotr Kucia

Prof Daniel Bracewell & Dr Thomas Johnson



Design and characterisation of a scale down perfusion platform for mammalian cell process development

Ciara Lucas

Prof Martina Miceletti & Dr Andrea Rayat



Nanofibre adsorbent design informed by mechanistic modelling of bioprocess performance

Gyorgy Ovari

Prof Daniel Bracewell & Dr Stephen Goldrick



Scalable production of bioengineered fur products

Matt Wasmuth

Dr Darren Nesbeth & Dr Kenth Gustafsson




Project titleResearcherSupervisor(s)/Industrial Partner
Big data analytics streamlining therapeutic drug development from micro-scale through to industrial-scaleHaneen AlosertProfessor Suzanne Farid and Dr Stephen Goldrick
Understanding the impact of shear stresses on different cell lines in the Allegro STR systemJordan DelbridgeProfessor Martina Micheletti and Dr Andrea Ducci
Evaluating the impacts of pumping stress on aggregate formation during Tangential Flow FiltrationThomas FanthomProfessor Daniel Bracewell and Professor Paul Dalby
Decisional tool to aid portfolio selection decisions into new modalities.Annabel LyleProfessor Suzanne Farid and Dr Stephen Goldrick
Development of a scalable and consistent process for the production of lentivirus for gene-modified cell therapiesCarme Ripoll FiolDr Qasim Rafiq and Dr Andrea Rayat
Development and optimisation of novel bioprinting process for scalable production of tissue models using FRESH techniquePatricia Santos BeatoDr Deepak Kalaskar and Dr Ryo Torri


Project titleResearcherSupervisor(s)/Industrial Partner
Development of a microfluidic bioanalytical device for the characterization of cellular therapeutic productsJorge Aranda-HernandezProfessor Nicolas Szita and Dr Alex Kiparissides
Optimal Bioreactor: concept / design and implementation for CAR-T cell production
Alexander DavidsonDr Qasim Rafiq and Professor Dan Bracewell
Ultra scale-down studies to investigate the impact of pre-column filtration on resin re-use and column foulingIfham Mirza
Dr Andrea Rayat and Dr Martina Micheletti
Sterilisable, biocompatible, immersible, spectroscopic planar imaging system
Rob PlattenDr Qasim Rafiq and Professor Dan Bracewell 
Continuous manufacture of lentivirus vectors for therapeutic vaccine applicationsDale StibbsDr Andrea Rayat and Dr Qasim Rafiq
Optical deconvolution of multiple co-eluting proteins in chromatographyDeniz Ucan Professor Paul Dalby and Dr Alex Kiparissides


Project titleResearcherSupervisor(s)/Industrial Partner
A high throughput, multidimensional approach to engineering biology using automated workflows
 Shama Chilakwad

Profs Gary Lye and John Ward


Process development for recovery and purification of exosomes for regenerative therapy
Benjamin Barnes

Prof Dan Bracewell


Development of an automated turbidostat platform for the investigation and characterization
of the effects of environmental and process parameters on the physiology and metabolism of green algae
Matthew Booth

Drs Alex Kiparissides and Martina Micheletti


Continuous Bioprocess Facilities of the Future: Integrated Drug Development & Manufacturing Economics EvaluationHanna Mahal

Prof Suzy Farid and Dr Ajoy Velayudhan


Process interactions between filtration and chromatographic steps in mAb processingMaria Parau

Profs Dan Bracewell and Mike Hoare


An ultra scale-down study of normal flow depth filtration for bioprocess recoveryFathima Shazeena Rauf

Profs Mike Hoare and Dan Bracewell


Project titleResearcherSupervisors/Industrial Partner
Bioprocessing of human T-cells to advance cellular immunotherapies Elena Costratio

Drs Ivan Wall and Martina Micheletti


3D polymer scaffolds for the activation of CAR-T cell growthRebecca Gunn

Dr Farlan Veraitch and Prof. Dan Bracewell


Design, synthesis and evaluation of agarose chromatography resins to meet the evolving needs of biologics manufactureGreta Jasulaityte

Prof. Dan Bracewell and Dr Alex Kiparissides


An upstream process for removing contaminating cell types from primary T-cell preparationsElsa Noaks

Dr Ivan Wall and Prof. Dan Bracewell


Rapid cell culture process development and optimisation using a new micro bioreactor system and advanced modelling approaches Vincent Wiegmann

Drs Frank Baganz and Alex Kiparissides


Project titleResearcherSupervisor(s) 
Development of DNA nanopores for unitisation in different biochemical applicationsPatrick ArnottDr Stefan Howorka and Prof. Gary Lye
Decisional tool for production planning across clinical development of biopharmaceutical portfoliosMax BaronProfs Suzy Farid and Nigel Titchener-Hooker
Supply chain economics of clinical and commercial autologous ex vivo cell-gene therapy manufactureRuxandra ComiselProf Suzy Farid and Dr Tarit Mukhopadhyay
A Microfluidic approach to test for CQAs of lentiviral vectors for gene therapy vaccinationsJoe HarveyProf Nicolas Szita and Dr Tarit Mukhopadhyay
A combined multi-scale modelling and experimental investigation of the effects of Lactate metabolism on mammalian cell bioprocessingMax LularevicDrs Alex Kiparissides and Cloe Kontoravdi (Imperial)
Efforts to establish Cocal-G enveloped lentiviral producers and Car19 transgene for the purpose of future bioprocessing and comparison to VSV-G EnvelopesChris PerryDrs Tarit Mukhopadhyay and Yasu Takeuchi
Integrating upstream and recovery scale-down mimics with predictive modelling for the evaluation of the process's window of operationMartina SebastianProfs Suzy Farid and Nigel Titchener-Hooker
Designer virus like particle (VLP) assembly in microbial expression systemSarah SlackDr Tarit Mukhopadhyay and Prof. Dan Bracewell
Ultra scale-down mimics for perfusion culture: experimental and modelling optimisation study for rapid biopharmaceutical process developmentMolly TregidgoDr Martina Micheletti and Prof. Suzy Farid
Simulating the effect of large scale bioreactor heterogeneities on cell culture performance: a combined experimental and modelling approach Roman ZakrzewskiProf Gary Lye and Dr Alex Kiparissides
Project titleResearcherSupervisor(s) 
 The use of continuous flow bioconversion reactors in novel biorefinery applications Roberto ChiocchioProfs. Gary Lye and
Process development for recovery and purification of exosomes for regenerative therapyIvano ColaoDr Ivan Wall and Prof Dan Bracewell
Ultra scale-down (USD) methods for enhanced insight of membrane processing of engineered proteinsLara Fernandez CerezoProfs Mike Hoare and Gary Lye
Development of an automated high-throughput purification methodology for macromolecular medicinesVivien FischerProfs Aly Velayudhan and Eric Fraga
X-ray tomography for the characterisation of bioseparation materials Thomas JohnsonProf Dan Bracewell and Dr Paul shearing
A scale-down engineering study of key steps in the manufacture of a medicinal toxin  Darryl KongProfs Nigel Titchener-Hooker and Dan Bracewell
Nanoscale high-throughput whole-process analytics to monitor key quality attributes  Zaenab OshinboluProfs Dan Bracewell and Paul Dalby
Project titleResearcherSupervisor(s) 
Gene Delivery Vector Platforms for Novel Gene TherapiesAli SadferDr Darren Nesbeth, Prof Chris Mason
Real-Time Visualisation of Protein Self-AssemblyHasan AlkaseemDr Bart Hoogenboom, Dr Daniel Bracewell
Novel Chassis for Engineered PathwaysAisha AsraProf John Ward
  Ruchika Bandekar Prof Gary Lye
Financial and Operational Perspectives of Cell Therapy Bioprocessing Tania Chilma Dr Suzanne Farid, Dr Sofia Simaria
Optimisation of Antibody Expression and Recovery from High Cell Density Microbial Fermentations at the Microwell Scale Mary Lunson Prof Gary Lye
Understand cell lysis in fermentation and primary recovery by online viscosity sensor Joseph Newton Dr Yuhong Zhou
Bioabsorbable tracheal scaffolds for clinical application Toby ProctorProf Chris Mason, Dr Farlan Veraitch 
S-Layer Lattice Assembly for Biotechnological Applications Bouran SohrabiDr Stefan Howorka, Prof Gary Lye 
Leveraging High-Throughput Purification Data using Advanced Visualisation and Predictive Tools Christos StamatisDr. Suzanne Farid, Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker
Nanofibre Adsorbents as a Purification Platform for Emerging Viral Vectores and Vaccines Jordan Turnbull Dr Daniel Bracewell
An Integrated Scale-Down Platform for the Extraction and Recovery of Periplasmically Expressed Complex Molecules from E.ColiAsma AhmadDr Martina Micheletti, Prof Eli Keshavarz-Moore 
Scalable Production of Tissue Engineered Microunits for Bone Regeneration Using Bioactive Glass Microshperes and Dynamic Culture ConditionsDavid De Silva ThompsonDr Ivan Wall, Dr Martina Micheletti 
Primary recovery of high-value products from high cell density harvestsAnne Marie De VilliersDr Tarit Mukhopadhyay, Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker 
Rapid Fermentation Process Optimisation using State-of-the-Art Mini Bioreactors and Advanced Modelling ApproachesAaron ErbasDr Frank Baganz, Prof Gary Lye 
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Processing for Drug Discovery Platforms and Cell therapy Products: Process EconomicsMichael JenkinsDr Suzanne Farid, Dr Sofia Simaria 
Evaluation of Biological and Process Options for Alkaline BiooxidationsJohannes KolmarDr Frank Baganz 
Development of Synthetic Shear Tracer Particles for Scale-Down Models of Continuous Centrifugation and Density Gradient Ultra-Centrifugation and a Mimic of Various Vaccine CandidatesBeatrice MelinekDr Tarit Mukhopadhyay, Dr Daniel Bracewell
Understanding Protease Contaminants during Biopharmaceutical Manufacture from CHO Cell CultureDamiano MiganiDr Daniel Bracewell, Prof Mark Smales 
A Comparison between Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction and Chromatography for the Separation of Novel Biopharmaceuticals using High Throughput Process Development (HTPD) MethodologiesNehal PatelDr Daniel Bracewell, Dr Eva Sorensen
Rapid Materialisation of Synthetic Biology ProductsJames RutleyProf Gary Lye, Dr Martina Micheletti 
Purification of Recombinnat Vaccinia Viruses for Cancer Therapy and Cancer Vaccine using Monolthic Column TechnologyDavid VincentDr Yuhong Zhou, Dr Daniel Bracewell 
Novel Strategies for Early Downstream Processing of High-Density Mammalian Cell CultureGeorgina Espuny Garcia Del RealDr Daniel Bracewell, Prof Michael Hoare 
Scale-Down Characterisation and Modelling of Harvest Operations in Cell Culture Processes Joseph AllenProf Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dr Suzanne Farid
Developing a Novel and Cost-Effective Method of Purification or Therapeutic Proteins using Affinity TagsAdam McInallyProf Michael Hoare, Dr Paul Dalby
Engineering Characterisation of Cylindrical Shaken Bioreactors for Improved Cell Culture Process Development and Scale-UpGregorio RodriguezDr Martina Micheletti, Dr Andrew Ducci (UCL Chemical Engineering)
Cell and Protein Engineering Strategies to Maximise the Recovery and Dimerisation of a Biotherapeutic Antibody-Enzyme Fusion Protein Produced in E.ColiDesmond SchofieldDr Darren Nesbeth, Dr Kerry Chester (UCL Oncology) 
Applications of an Ultra-Rapid Next-Gen  Thermocycler in PCR-based Bioprocess MonitoringAlex TemplarDr Darren Nesbeth, Prof Eli Keshavarz-Moore 
An Upstream Platform for the Production of High Grade Heterologous Proteins in Pichia PastorisBen WeilDr Darren Nesbeth, Dr Daniel Bracewell 
TitleResearcher Supervisor(s) 
Scale Down and Optimisation of a Novel Second Generation Bioethanol ProcessNeil ConroyProf Gary Lye, Dr Paul Dalby 
Microscale Methods for the Rapid Analysis of Antibiotic Compound Libraries and Systematic Downstream Process DesignHaroon KhanProf Gary Lye, Dr Nicholas Szita 
An Ultra Scale-Down Tool for the Predicitve Design of a Filtration Procedure for Preparation of Human Cell TherapiesChris LongsterProf Michael Hoare, Dr Ivan Wall 
Engineering Characterisation of Single-Use Wave-Type Bioreactors for Improved Cell Culture Process Development and Scale-UpDouglas MarshProf Gary Lye, Dr Martina Micheletti 
Design and Evaluation of an Internally Radiating Photobioreactor for Generic Application in the Algal Production of Biofuels, Biorenewable Chemicals and BiopharmaceuticalsKane MillerProf Gary Lye, Dr Martina Micheletti 
High Throughput Protein Precipitation for Monoclonal Antibody PurificationChris MorrisProf Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dr Paul Dalby 
Streamlined Purification and Process Understanding of Polysaccharide Vaccine ComponentsAaron NoyesDr Tarit Mukhopadhyay, Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker 
Towards a More Efficient Platform for Inclusion Body Processing from Engineered E.ColiAminat OmotoshoProf Eli Keshavarz-Moore, Dr Gareth Mannall 
Novel Primary Recovery Srategies for High Cell Density Mammalian CellDaria PopovaProf Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dr Suzanne Farid 
Non-Geometric Scale Up of Chromatographic Separations of BiopharmaceuticalsJayan SenaratneProf Nigel Titchener-Hooker, Dr Daniel Bracewell 
Controlling Early Cell Human Embryonic Stem Cell Fate with Growth Factors and Oxygen ConcentrationVishal SharmaDr Farlan Veraitch, Dr Nicholas Szita 
Production Planning across Multi-Site, Multi-Product Biopharmaceutical Plants under UncertaintyCyrus SiganporiaDr Suzanne Farid, Dr Lazaros Papageorgiou 
TitleResearcher Supervisor(s) 
Improving Bone Marrow Stem Cell Therapy for Cardiac RepairOwen BainDr Ivan Wall, Prof Chris Mason
Incorporation of Developability into Cell Line Selection: Creation of a Simplified High-Throughput Small-Scale Model for a mAb Manufacturing ProcessJohn BettsProf Gary Lye, Dr Frank Baganz 
Small Scale, High Throughput Process Development with a Focus on Novel Therapeutic ProteinsAlex ChatelProf Mike Hoare, Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker 
Process Modelling Approaches to Biological Complexity in the Production of Therapeutic ProteinsEdward CloseDr Daniel Bracewell, Dr Eva Sorensen 
Microscale Characterisaton of a Manufacturing Route for Lentiviral VectorsHeather GuyDr Tarit Mukhopadhyay, Prof Gary Lye 
Measurement of Protein Self-Association Behaviour as a Determinant of Aggregation in BioprocessingKrisztina Kovacs-SchreinerDr Daniel Bracewell, Prof Michael Hoare 
A Microscale Purification Platform for the Study of Fusion Protein RecoveryEduardo LauProf Michael Hoare, Dr Paul Dalby 
Dental Stem Cells for Tooth Regeneration and RepairYvonne Pang Dr Ivan Wall, Prof Chris Mason 
Scale-Up of Tissue Engineering Trachea using Adult Stem CellsLeanne PartingtonDr Ivan Wall, Prof Chris Mason
The Bioprocessing of Human Embryonic Stem Cells to Treat BlindnessIwan Thomas RobertsProf Chris Mason, Prof Peter Coffey
Investigation of IgG Aggregate Formation in Biopharmaceutical Processes; A Study of the Location and Mechanism of AggregationRoumteen Tavakoli-KesheDr Daniel Bracewell, Prof Nigel Titchener-Hooker
Scaling Omnicyte (Adult Stem Cells) Therapy for Safe, Effective and Affordable Clinical Use. Characterisation of miRNAs for Stem Cell Expansion and Regenerative MedicineJohn ThwaitesDr Ivan Wall, Prof Chris Mason 
Pre-Formulation Screening: High Throughput Tools to Formulate dABs and Predict Stability ProfilesUdofoyo UyeDr Paul Dalby, Prof Michael Hoare