UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Vaccine Bioprocess Development and Commercialisation

Delivered in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), this course will assist in developing your knowledge on the challenges of creating a vaccine process.

The course is designed to explore the critical issues at each stage of vaccine development. Attendees hear from international experts about the research as well as operational and regulatory challenges facing the global vaccine market. In addition to expert lectures and excellent networking opportunities with your peers, one case study will be conducted during the workshop about strategies for commercial specifications for vaccines.

Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to Vaccine Development with Case Studies
  • Scale-up from lab to pilot scale
  • Quality by Design (QbD) as part of vaccine development
  • Expression systems
  • Single use platforms
  • Process Development Challenges of Novel Vaccines
  • Adventitious Agent Contamination in Biomanufacturing
  • Final formulation and adjuvants
  • Regulatory Perspectives and Future Directions
  • Global Vaccine Preparedness to Respond to Future Disease Outbreaks

This MBI is recommended for:

This course is of interest to research scientists, programme managers, process engineers and policy makers. The course is accessible to those new to vaccine development or those working in the field from business and academia.

  • Specialised vaccines staff who would benefit from broadening their knowledge base
  • Those new to vaccine development (recent graduates / research scientists)
  • Project Managers, funders and policy-makers wanting to gain an understanding in vaccines.
Module Leader

Stefanie Frank is an Associate Professor in Engineering Biology at the UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering. Her research focuses on engineering bacterial nano- and microcompartments, virus like particles and viral vectors for biotechnology applications. Stefanie is Co-I in the Manufacturing Research Hub for a Sustainable Future (Vax-Hub Sustainable) and The Vaccines Manufacturing Hub for LMICs (Vax-Hub Global), where she works on generating novel protein nanoparticle-based platforms. She leads the Vaccines Bioprocess Development and Commercialisation MBI Training course at UCL, the Vaccine Bioprocessing module and UCL iGEM, a Synthetic Biology project for undergraduate students.