UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Backup (not to publish) of Academics

Academic, teaching and visiting staff in UCL Biochemical Engineering listed alphabetically with links to UCL Profiles and main departmental roles


 Name and link to UCL Profile with contact detailsMain role at UCL Biochemical Engineering

Frank Baganz

Associate Professor in Fermentation and Cell Culture

  • Chair, Doctoral Committee
  • Postgraduate Exams Liaison Officer
  • Chair, PGT Tech Failures Panel

Daniel Bracewell

Professor of Bioprocess Analysis

  • Admissions Tutor, Postgraduate Research
  • Director, Pall Centre of Excellence
  • Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) Lead

Alex Van Eck Conradie

Professor in Sustainable Bioprocess Engineering


Paul Dalby

Professor of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

  • Deputy Head (Research)
  • Director, EPSRC CDT in Emergent Macromolecular Therapies
  • Chair, Research Committee
  • Co-Director, EPSRC Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub

Duygu Dikicioglu

Associate Professor in Biochemical Engineering and Digital Bioprocess Engineering

  • Study Abroad and Affiliate Tutor
  • Programme Director, MEng Biochemical Engineering with Study Abroad

Suzanne Farid

Professor of Bioprocess Systems Engineering

  • Head of Department
  • Director, AstraZeneca Centre of Excellence
  • Co-Director, EPSRC Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub

Stefanie Frank

Lecturer in Synthetic Biology

  • iGEM Co-ordinator

Naveraj Gill

Strategic Alliance Director

  • Deputy Head (Enterprise)
  • Director, MBI and VISION Programmes
  • Chair, Strategic Advisory Board
  • Postgraduate Admissions (Part-Time)

Stephen Goldrick

Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering 

  • Chair, Undergraduate Exam Board
  • Undergraduate Exams Liaison Officer
  • Chair, UG Tech Failures Panel

Petra Hanga

Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering

  • Postgraduate Taught Admissions Tutor
  • Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) Lead

Michael Hoare

Professor of Biochemical Engineering

  • Academic Board Representative

Jack Jeffries

Lecturer in Biocatalysis and Biocatalyst Engineering

  • Admissions Tutor, Undergraduate
  • NSS Lead

Eli Keshavarz-Moore

Professor of Bioprocess Science and Enterprise

  • Vice-Dean (International)
  • Programme Director, MEng Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocess Management
  • Programme Director, MEng with Year in Industry
  • Programme Director, BSc Bioprocessing of New Medicines (Business and Management)

Gary Lye

Professor of Biochemical Engineering

  • Director, Future Manufacturing Futures Lab (MFL) at UCL East
  • Director, EPSRC CDT in Bioprocessing Engineering Leadership
  • Co-Director EPSRC Future Biomanufacturing Research Hub
  • Chair, Finance Committee
  • Chair, Staff Committee
  • Chair, Safety Committee

Marco Marques

Lecturer in Biochemical Engineering

  • Chair, UG Staff-Student Consultative Committee
  • Deputy Chair, Doctoral Training Committee

Chris Mason

Professor of Regenerative Medicine Bioprocessing


Martina Micheletti

Professor of Bioprocess Fluid Mechanics

  • Undergraduate Tutor
  • Director, EPSRC Future Vaccine Manufacturing Hub
  • Undergraduate Mental Health First Aid
  • National Student Survey (NSS) Lead

Darren Nesbeth

Associate Professor in Synthetic Biology

  • Programme Director, MRes Synthetic Biology
  • Radiation Safety Officer

Brenda Parker

Associate Professor of Biochemical Engineering

  • Programme Director, MSc BioIntegrated Design

Qasim Rafiq

Professor of Bioprocessing of Regenerative, Cellular and Gene Therapy

  • Athena Swan Lead
  • Undergraduate Outreach Officer

Andrea Rayat

Associate Professor (Downstream Processing)

  • Chair, Departmental Teaching Committee
  • Programme Director, BEng and MEng Biochemical Engineering
  • Undergraduate Annual Student Experience Review (ASER) Lead

Leonard Rios Solis

Associate Professor in Cell Engineering

  • Lecturer in Cell Engineering

Nicolas Szita

Professor of Bioprocess Microfluidics

  • Postgraduate Tutor
  • Chair, Postgraduate Exam Board
  • Postgraduate Mental Health First Aid

Michael Thomas

Lecturer in Bionanotechnology and Biochemical Engineering

  • Chair, PG Staff-Student Consultative Committee

Nigel Titchener-Hooker

Professor of Biochemical Engineering

  • Dean, Faculty of Engineering Sciences
  • Director, EPSRC Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub

Teaching Fellows

 Name and link to UCL Profile with contact detailsMain role at UCL Biochemical Engineering

Sunny Bains

Associate Professor (Teaching)

  • Technical Communication Lead
  • Strategic Thinking in Engineering and Technology Minor Co-ordinator

Mohammed Jaffar

Lecturer (Teaching) in Biochemical Engineering

  • Online Learning Co-Ordinator
  • E-learning Champion

Rana Khalife

Lecturer (Teaching)

  • Chair, Recruitment and Publicity Committee
  • Outreach Champion
  • Regenerative Medicine Minor Co-ordinator
  • Admissions Tutor and Programme Director, Commercialisation and Manufacture of Cell and Gene Therapies MSc

Mauryn Chika Nweke

Associate Professor (Teaching)

  • Departmental Tutor
  • Deputy Head (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP) Teaching Co-ordinator

Vasos Pavlika

Associate Professor (Teaching)

  • Maths Minor Co-ordinator
  • Deputy Chair, Undergraduate Exam Board

Michael Sulu

Lecturer (Teaching)

  • Experiential Engineering Co-ordinator
  • Workshop Committee Representative
  • Careers Liaison Officer

Bernice Wright

Lecturer (Teaching)


Yuhong Zhou

Associate Professor (Teaching)

  • Teaching Fellow Manager
  • Timetabling Co-ordinator
  • Space Co-ordinator
  • Research Associate Training Manager

Visiting Academics

NameMain role at UCL Biochemical Engineering

Barry Buckland

Visiting Professor

Mark Carver

Visiting Professor

Bo Fosberg

Honorary Lecturer

Julian Hanak

Honorary Lecturer

Volker Hass

Honorary Professor

Thomas Heathman

Honorary Lecturer

Nigel Jackson

Honorary Lecturer

Gunter Jagschies

Visiting Professor

Jasmin Kee

Honorary Lecturer

Julie Kerby

Honorary Lecturer

Alex Kiprassides

Honorary Professor

Sven Kili

Honorary Lecturer

Cleo Kontoravdi

Honorary Research Associate

Nina Kotsopoulou

Honorary Lecturer

Nicholas Medcalf

Visiting Professor

James Miskin

Honorary Lecturer

Samir Nuseibeh

Honorary Lecturer

Angela Osborne

Honorary Lecturer

Glyn Stacey

Honorary Lecturer

Vaughan Thomas

Visiting Professor

Mahvash Tavassoli

Honorary Research Associate

Sandrine Vessillier

Honorary Lecturer

Ron Wheeler

Honorary Lecturer