UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Symposium 2012: Closing the Gap - Aligning strategies towards sustainable resource use

In October 2012, the Symposium Series was launched with the ‘Closing the Gap: Aligning strategies towards sustainable resource use’ seminar, a strategy-setting gathering of senior academic, industry and government representatives, brought together to debate some of the current challenges in global sustainable resource use.

A number of issues were raised within the ‘Closing the Gap’ debate which link closely to the existing work within GCSC themes, most prominently:

  • Growing global population
  • Growing global middle-class
  • Growing urban population
  • Actual or potential scarcity of strategic resources such as energy, water and food, resulting in rising and volatile prices
  • The role of local action and local management of strategic resources
  • The role for science in the sustainability debate


The Closing the Gap document, which provides a summary of the debate, raises additional questions, and will act as a guideline to the content design for subsequent events in the series.