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Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy and Transitions MSc

In the face of global environmental challenges, societies, businesses and policymakers alike need to rethink how we can use our natural resources sustainably. UCL's Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy and Transitions MSc investigates the circular economy, resource efficiency and sustainable resource management. You will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive change and become the sustainability leaders of tomorrow.

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Student experiences

Matt's experience

Photo portrait of Kuan-Hao (Matt) Tung
By completing this programme, the transferrable skills I have gained allow me to critically assess information, smoothly collaborate with multinational colleagues, and independently absorb new knowledge and skills in my new position."

Kuan-Hao (Matt) Tung, Sustainable Resources: Economics Policy and Transitions MSc MSc alumnus (2022), graduate trainee at one of the 'Big Four' global accounting firms

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Fitria's experience

Photo portrait of Fitria Wulandari
The MSc in Sustainable Resources program has greatly enhanced my expertise and skills in decarbonisation. This programme uniquely integrates technical, strategic, and policy implementations, cultivating students to become effective problem solvers in addressing the pressing challenges of the climate crisis." 

Fitria Wulandari, Sustainable Resources: Economics Policy and Transitions MSc MSc alumnus (2022), Investor Relations at Pertamina Group

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Wanlin's experience

Wanlin Chen photo

The research experience in the SR:EPT MSc programme encouraged me to continue doing research in my future career. It also facilitated me to become a PhD student so I can continue my research journey in addressing the challenges of promoting a sustainable urban environment and increasing the efficiencies in energy and resource use." 

Wanlin Chen, Sustainable Resources: Economics Policy and Transitions MSc MSc alumnus (2021), PhD student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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Peter's experience

Photo of alumnus Peter Nsubi Sarpong

My objective for this course was to learn a more analytical perspective that I can bring to sustainability initiatives and strategy. By being more analytical, the solutions became more robust.”

Peter Nsubi Sarpong, Sustainable Resources: Economics Policy and Transitions MSc MSc alumnus (2021), Senior Consultant at a global consulting firm

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James' experience

James Totton

Many of the skills I refined during my masters are now used daily from excel through to delivering presentations and report writing. Most importantly, it taught me how to learn new things quickly and efficiently. An invaluable skill in a job where new problems need solving everyday."

James Totton, SR:EPT MSc Alumnus (2018), underwriting assistant at GCube Insurance Services

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Layla's experience

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the course. I found the discussions and learning objectives not only led to technical knowledge but also an ability to approach problems holistically. Even during the transition to online teaching, I found staff had maintained energy and enthusiasm for the course." 

Layla Moccia, Sustainable Resources: Economics Policy and Transitions MSc Alumnus (2020) 

Michael's experience

Michael Pechstein

The Sustainable Resources: Economics Policy and Transitions MSc programme certainly helped me to steer my career in this new direction.  I think that in addition to helping me explore potential new avenues, the program gave me a strong base of knowledge on a number of energy and decarbonization topics and allowed me to speak competently with employers about these nuanced areas."

Michael Pechstein, Sustainable Resources: Economics Policy and Transitions MSc Alumnus (2019), Investment analyst at Glennmont Partners

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Gregorio's experience

Gregorio Giorgi

The Sustainable Resources MSc was helpful in developing a systems thinking approach to different sustainability challenges, a crucial skill for any professional in the field to find impactful solutions to the complex and interconnected reality of climate change." 

Gregorio Giorgi, Sustainable Resources: Economics Policy and Transitions MSc Alumnus, Associate at the Carbon Trust

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