UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Team members

Professor Jim Watson is the project leader. He is Professor of Energy Policy and Research Director at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources. He was previously Research Director and then Director of the UK Energy Research Centre from 2013 to 2019. His research and policy engagement activities focus on energy, climate and innovation policies in the UK and developing countries.

Dr Simon Bawakyillenuo is a Human Geographer. He is a Senior Research Fellow and the Head of Statistics and Survey Division at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), University of Ghana. His research interests cover areas such as forms of energy and their interrelationships with health and the environment; energy policy; renewable energy dissemination and utilisation discourses; climate change; environmental policy and governance; green economy; and political economy.

Dr Bernard Tembo is an Energy Economist and Engineer. In the last 12 years, his focus has been energy policy, access, supply, economics of energy infrastructure development and climate change. He completed his PhD at University College London in Energy and Economics. He has been a member of various research consortia, of which some were funded by the IFPRI, World Bank and CDKN.

Professor Yacob Mulugetta is Professor of Energy and Development Policy, and Director of the MPA programme at the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering & Public Policy (STEaPP) at UCL. Previously, he was at the Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, UK. Between 2010 and 2013, he was based at the UN Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where he helped set up the African Climate Policy Centre. 

Dr Steve Pye is Associate Professor in Energy Systems at the UCL Energy Institute. His research focus on the use of energy-economic models to explore transition pathways under stringent climate targets, both at the UK and global scales. This includes research on incorporating uncertainty into decision making; the role of fossil fuels; social equity considerations in modelling transitions; and net-zero emission pathways 

Dr Julia Tomei is a Lecturer in Energy, Resources and Development at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources.  Her research examines the livelihood, social and political dimensions of energy and natural resource governance in developing countries.

Ms Jen Cronin is a researcher at the UCL Energy Institute focusing on long-term decarbonisation pathways and combining social research with techno-economic modelling for analysis of land-use dynamics and energy policy. 

Dr Aba Crentsil is a Research Fellow with the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economics Research (ISSER) at the University of Ghana. Her research focuses on the interactions between populations and their environments (climate and energy), evaluation planning and urban planning. She also focuses on how to accommodate research in these fields by using planning supporting systems such as geographic information systems (GIS) and other computer-aided planning tools.

Dr Nick Hughes is a senior research fellow at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources. His research encompasses low carbon energy and sustainable resource use, considering technological and social solutions with a view to producing policy relevant recommendations. This includes research on hydrogen, CCS, renewable innovation policy, electricity networks and sustainable resource use.

Ms Mulima Nyambe-Mubanga is a Social Scientist and a Policy Analyst with over 10 years of research and policy analysis experience. She completed her Masters at Lund University, Sweden in International Trade Policy and Trade Law. She is a seasoned Policy Analyst and Researcher with Monitoring and Evaluation experience on a number of studies some of which were funded by World Bank, Oxfam and COMESA.

Dr Meron Tesfamichael is a Research Fellow at the Department of Science, Engineering, Technology and Public Policy (STEaPP). Meron is an interdisciplinary researcher working at the interface between energy, public policy and social science. Her work focuses on how technical, social, behavioural and policy components can be brought together to facilitate access to clean, affordable and sustainable energy in sub-Saharan Africa.