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Minatura2020: Mineral deposits of public importance

mineral mining

1 December 2015

The overall objective of this three year H2020 project is to develop a concept and methodology for the definition and subsequent protection of mineral deposits of public importance in order to ensure their best use in the future in order to be included in a harmonised European regulatory/ guidance/policy framework.

The project will explore land use competition challenges between mining and other land uses: analysis and interpretation on different levels and in different future scenarios.

It will also seek to include deposits of strategic importance in minerals policies as well as in land use planning/management policies.

MINATURA2020 relies on the strength of an international consortium of 24 partners. All project partners are active players in the international raw materials community and have a demonstrated record of accomplishment of projects at national, international and commercial level.

Project lead: Prof Raimund Bleischwitz