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Green growth and win-win strategies for sustainable climate action

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1 September 2015

Green growth and win-win strategies for sustainable climate action (GREEN-WIN) is a three-year EU Horizon2020 project launched in late 2015.

It explores some of the key financial barriers and opportunities to stimulate and scale up ‘climate finance’ for emission mitigation and climate change adaptation. It examines the structural issues underpinning the mis-orientation of public, ‘institutional’ and more traditional forms of market finance. It then considers developments in governance and policy packages that could help overcome these issues to appropriately reorient the available finance. It focuses on three pillars:

  • A comparative analysis of the finance assets for climate action and sustainable development, and governance thereof, in key G20 countries (US, China and few EU countries). This analysis provides a detailed picture of how much different financial instruments, and wider governance of financial systems, can be expected to drive climate and sustainability investments;
  • An assessment of targeted climate finance approaches with mainstreamed climate finance in terms of their comprehensiveness, their global climate impacts, their synergies and trade-offs. This task will explore the consistency of climate finance tools and specific approaches of ‘mainstream’ finance and regulations that may be either counterproductive or constitute a significant lever;
  • The design of integrated policy packages which support economic progress whilst respecting distributional concerns and enhancing sustainability. A key methodological tool will be development of stylised models of relative rates of return, multiplier, leverage, and co-benefit/spillover effects in the different domains for key sectors, in order to include the financial sector in modelling analyses.

Project website: http://green-win-project.eu