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OVERCOME will work to address specific challenges in flood, drought, and related disease risk management through creation of innovative technological methodologies and applications

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19 January 2021

About the project

OVERCOME - digital innOVation in flood Early warning and wateR-related disease prevention for COMmunity capacity building and rEsilience, will establish a transnational consortium with multidisciplinary expertise for cross-sectoral collaborative research in creating innovative technological methodologies and applications.

We will engage with stakeholders from academia, industry, governments, NGOs, coming from a wide range of sectors including natural environment, health care, environment-economic, urban planning, utility services, disaster management, policy making, and local communities in co-shaping the research questions and targeted outcomes.

The team building and methodology defining in the first 12 months will enable the follow-up research in the second phase for delivering an ultimate holistic framework that supports these stakeholders in strategic planning and decision making to enhance societal resilience to climatic hazards. This will strengthen the capacity of vulnerable communities in minimising the negative impact of such disasters and associated health risks, which will improve country progress in addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).