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High End Climate Impacts and Extremes

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11 January 2021

UCL is involved in the HELIX FP7 project through its global Integrated Assessment Model: TIAM-UCL.  IAMs are used as inputs to policy-making on climate change in simulating aspects of the economy and climate systems to deliver future projections and strategies.  The climate representation in the models is extremely important as it can have great influence on future political action.

In collaboration with the Met Office, an updated version of the climate system has been successfully implemented using a new method of reconstructing general circulation models climate response to emission trajectories through an idealized experiment. This method is called the “step-response approach”.

After the latest COP21 decision on stringent climate targets (1.5°C), it has been decided to assess the impact of climate uncertainties via the carbon cycle (what is happening to the CO2 in the atmosphere) on the carbon budget (how much CO2 can we produce). An updated version of the carbon cycle is developed to take into consideration the temperature feedback on the carbon cycle itself.

Project Lead: Dr Olivier Dessens, Research Associate in Climate Modelling, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources

Project website: www.helixclimate.eu