UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources

Dr Michal Miedzinski

Dr Michal Miedzinski

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Jun 2022

Research summary

Michal has an interdisciplinary research background including applied policy studies, science, technology and innovation studies, economic geography and regional development, organisational learning and change, as well as foresight and futures studies. He has a long-standing research and consulting experience in appraising and supporting design of public policies in the area of eco-innovation and green economy.

His main research interests include:

  • Innovation and sustainability - the role of technological and non-technological innovation in the transition towards sustainable development (exploring the nature, dynamics and impact of systemic eco-innovation; new business models and transformative innovation; transformative policy and governance; assessing sustainability of future scenarios and transition pathways);

  • Public policy and transformative innovation - critical analysis of eco-innovation and sustainable development policies (frame reflection and systemic discourse analysis of policy narratives; the use of scientific evidence and expertise in policy process; dealing with conflicting problem frames and interests);

  • Measuring eco-innovation - applying diverse data sources to measuring trends in eco-innovation; the role of scoreboards and composite indicators; designing dynamic innovation metric systems (capturing micro-, meso- and marco-level developments and their interconnections);

  • Sustainability impact assessment - developing and applying novel methodologies of policy impact assessment and evaluation (integrated approaches to ex-ante and ex-post sustainability impact assessments; applying storytelling and narratives to impact assessments; visual models for impacts assessment);

  • Innovation futures for sustainability - foresight and prospective studies in the area of innovation and sustainability, including the role of scenario development and policy and business road mapping; applying foresight methods to impact assessments, exploring relations between foresight and modelling;

  • Eco-innovation and regional development - introducing sustainability and eco-innovation to regional innovation strategies (including participatory multi-stakeholder strategy development methods).


Michal Miedzinski is Senior Research Associate at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources (ISR). Michal has long-standing experience in leading studies on green economy and eco-innovation for the EU institutions (notably the European Commission and the European Parliament), international organisations (OECD, UNIDO, DCED, ASEIC) as well as for the regional authorities in many countries (e.g. Poland, Italy, France, Turkey). He co-designed and has been a long-standing coordinator (2010-2016) of the European Eco-Innovation Observatory, a pioneering European knowledge and data platform on eco-innovation for policy-makers and business (see www.eco-innovation.eu).

Michal holds a Ph.D. in Planning from the University of Manchester (2015). He has a Master's degree in Regional Economic Planning from Warsaw University (2001), Master of Arts in European Public Affairs from University of Maastricht and EIPA (2000) and a BA in International Relations from Warsaw University (1998).