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New Business and Sustainability MSc launched at UCL

28 October 2022

We are proud to launch the new Business and Sustainability MSc, designed to equip a new generation of experts with the knowledge and tools to embed sustainability into business purpose and practice, creating value for both the economy and wider society.

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Becoming environmentally, socially and economically sustainable is an imperative for businesses of all shapes and sizes. UCL’s Business and Sustainability MSc explores how businesses can turn sustainability challenges into new opportunities and avenues for growth. Students will participate in research-led, applied teaching on sustainability science, policy and business practice, empowering them to be sustainability leaders making informed decisions and taking responsible actions for people, planet and profit, now and in the future.

The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources and UCL School of Management are pleased to announce applications have opened for our new Business and Sustainability MSc. 

Professor Paul Ekins, OBE, Professor of Resources and Environment Policy, said:

Businesses need to be sustainable – financially, environmentally and socially. Businesses everywhere are grappling with the sustainability and ESG agendas. The successful ones are learning how to manage the associated risks and turn the challenges into business opportunities. This new Master’s will deliver science-based understanding of the key business issues related to sustainability and show through collaborative learning and interaction with best practice, how they can be successfully addressed.”

Dr Samuel Tang, Programme Lead for Business and Sustainability MSc, said:

We are excited to welcome you, our future sustainability leaders, on this new Master’s to collaborate and explore how sustainability challenges such as climate change, and inequalities in gender, health and wealth, affect and shape traditional, innovate and novel ways of doing business, and, as well, how business influences the sustainability transformation. All professionals, especially those seeking to lead businesses, need to know about and understand how to address sustainability challenges, how to embed sustainability behaviours and practices into their everyday responsibilities, and how their decisions affect inequalities and may hinder or promote sustainability efforts. Join us to develop local to global knowledge and an interdisciplinary skillset to transform how the world is understood and the way that global problems are solved to build the sustainable future now.”

Professor Davide Ravasi, Director of UCL School of Management, said:

Businesses around the world are under pressure from stakeholders to account for the sustainability of their operations and their impact on climate change. The capacity to appreciate, measure, and manage sustainability will be an important differentiator for successful managers and leaders of tomorrow. This programme combines the expertise of the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources and the UCL School of Management – two leading institutions in their respective fields – to deliver a unique educational experience that will enable students to play a leading role in this increasingly critical area.” 

John Elkington, Founding Partner of, and Chief Pollinator at, Volans, said:

The worlds of business, finance and sustainability are converging at warp speed. UCL is an outstanding university – it happens to be where I got my own postgraduate degree – and I expect the new MSc programme to establish itself as a global front-runner in one of the most vibrant and crucial areas of management education and practice. Finally, participants will be in safe hands: UCL’s Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources and School of Management are well placed to generate leadership in sustainability, while Professor Paul Ekins has been a leader in such areas as environmental economics and sustainability more broadly for almost as long as I can remember.”

We welcome applications from prospective students seeking to understand how business values, behaviours, and practices can be combined with scientific sustainability knowledge to create a profitable business and a better world. This Master’s is suitable for recent graduates as well as early and mid-career professionals seeking to upskill. It is particularly relevant to individuals whose current role, or the role they aspire to be in, requires them to understand and manage business sustainability issues, innovating to minimise the risks and make the most of the associated opportunities. 

Are you interested in studying Business and Sustainability MSc at UCL?

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Discover more about the programme and the career opportunities it could unlock by visiting the UCL Graduate prospectus. 

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