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EPEE alumni publishes paper in Elsevier's Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews journal

12 August 2021

Congratulations to EPEE alumni Henrique Augusto and PhD student Lilia Caiado

Henrique Augusto

Congratulations to EPEE alumni Henrique Augusto who recently published a paper in Elsevier's “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews journal”, based on his EPEE Dissertation. Lilia Caiado was his de facto supervisor, and together they co-authored the paper.

Henrique studied the Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environments MSc between 2018 and 2019 at UCL Institute of Sustainable Resources:

I am very happy that the dissertation work was published in such a relevant journal, and it contributes to science and policy on an important topic. This publication was a perfect token of all the dedication of everyone involved in this MSc - me, Lilia, our families, friends, UCL professors, supervisors, staff. Interesting fact: the method stems from what we see in Paul Ekins' first lecture for Environmental Measurement, Assessment and Law module!

Current PhD student Lilia said of the experience: 

Very happy to share the paper Henrique Augusto Silva Vasconcellos and I have just published at Elsevier Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews with an analysis of Socioeconomic Impacts of wind power projects in Brazil. This paper results from Henrique's MSc dissertation at UCL Energy Institute which I supervised, and a really great partnership afterwards!

After completing his masters in September 2019, Henrique returned to his job as an energy specialist at the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, where now he applies many of the subjects he studied during the EPEE course, especially regarding economic impact analysis.


Paper: “Estimation of socioeconomic impacts of wind power projects in Brazil’s Northeast region using Interregional Input-Output Analysis"

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