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ISR Director Prof Paul Ekins refutes coal company greenwash

6 May 2020

ISR Director Professor Paul Ekins has written a letter explaining why West Cumbria Mining and Banks Group's 'carbon neutral' coal extraction plans are "economic nonsense".

coal mine

ISR Director Professor Paul Ekins has explained why the Mining company's plans are "economic nonsense" and should not justify the extension of the Bradley coal mine in County Durham.

West Cumbria Mining and Banks Group are two companises currently exploring large scale coal and mining projects in the UK.

Both the West Cumbria Mining and Banks Group have used flawed economic logic to claim that their coal extraction is either 'carbon netural' or that they are saving Greenhouse Gasses (GHGs), as an alternative to imported coal.

Read Professor Ekins' letter refuting the coal company greenwash here:

Video: Prof. Paul Ekins: New UK coal mines fo not 'save' carbon dioxide