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Financial Times features ISR research into electricity prices

6 February 2018

The Financial Times has featured a report on electricity prices from ISR's Professor Michael Grubb and Paul Drummond.


'UK industry pays 33% more for electricity than rest of Europe', the Financial Times, 5th February 2018:

British industry pays on average a third more for electricity than many counterparts in Europe who have reaped the benefits of better interconnections, more cross-border trading and long-term supply contracts.
The findings, in a report published on Monday by University College London, will reopen the debate on the high electricity bills paid by industry at a time when the government is focused on decarbonising its energy sources.
The report’s authors propose several policy changes to support “competitive” prices, including making it easier to invest in low-cost renewable energy sources such as onshore wind farms, which have been excluded from subsidies. The UK should also ensure it leaves the EU in a way that it retains “unrestricted access to the internal energy market”, they say.

View 'UK industrial electricity prices: competitiveness in a low carbon world', by Professor Michael Grubb and Paul Drummond and published by UCL ISR.

View the report's press release.