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'The markets will trump Trump' - Paul Ekins talks renewables with the Guardian

8 February 2017

The Guardian interviews UCL ISR Director Professor Paul Ekins on Trump, Brexit and Clean Energy

Donald Trump

Prof Paul Ekins OBE discussed Trump, Brexit and Clean Energy at recent a Guardian roundtable on the future wind and solar power, reported today by the newspaper.

The roundtable brought together leading experts from a range of sectors to consider the impacts of President Trump on the prospects for renewable energy, how will Brexit affect the UK’s renewable sector and what’s driving the growth of clean energy in Asia.

Prof Ekins said:

“The markets will trump Trump.”
“from people who had been their closest colleagues … I’m hearing that European [research] consortia are just not looking for British partners any more. Why would they, when the whole purpose is to build long-term relationships, and they simply don’t know what will happen after 2020?”
We’re not getting nearly enough investment to meet the Paris target [of keeping the global temperature rise to two degrees above pre-industrial levels].”

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