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China Central Television interviews Paul Ekins on air pollution and diesel cars

28 February 2017

China Central Television interviewed UCL ISR Director Professor Paul Ekins on air pollution and diesel cars.

paul ekins on china central television

This week China Central Television's current affairs programme interviewed Prof Paul Ekins for its focus interview on how developed countries have been dealing with the problem of smog.

During the interviews, Prof Ekins discusses:

  • London’s air pollution 
  • Have diesel vehicles become the British air pollution "culprit"?
  • 1952’s Great Smog of London and the difference between the factors that caused the Great Smog and the recent air pollution in London
  • Suggestions for China’s battle with smog

Watch the focus interview ‘Haze of pain in the global pain’

Watch: British journalists observed that diesel vehicles become British air pollution "culprit"