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Prof Paul Ekins speaks about the British Gas electricity price increase on BBC Radio 5 Live

1 August 2017

On 1st August Prof Paul Ekins, Director of the UCL Institute of Sustainable Resources, spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live about the 12.5% electricity price increase announced by British Gas


In an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, Professor Paul Ekins discusses the cost of energy transmission and distribution and why it is being cited as the reason for today’s British Gas electricity price increase.

The show covered the following questions:

  • Is the significant rise a result of transmission and distribution costs and the costs of government policy?
  • Is it really about shareholders?
  • How competitive is the energy market?

During the interview Prof Ekins pointed out:

Although you can explain some of it through the transmission and distribution charges, I don’t think you can explain a 12.5% increase."

British Gas is 7% down on their half year profits from last year and I think that at least part of the price increase is trying to recoup these lost profits."


You can listen to the full interview online on the BBC website, starting at 2 hours 10 minutes.