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New report by UCL ISR 'UK Energy Policy: Politicisation or Rationalisation?'

26 November 2015

uk energy

UCL ISR launches a new report on the UK Energy Policy to coincide with the release of the UK Committee on Climate Change 5th Carbon Budget today. 

The first 100 days of the Conservative government brought wide-ranging cuts to renewable energy supports, energy efficiency programmes, and relevant tax structures, prompting concern that the new government had embarked on a politicised attack on ‘green energy’. The government defended its decisions as a necessary and overdue corrective to a system that had become overly expensive and complex – a “hard reset” precursor to a rationalisation of the UK energy policy landscape. UCL launched a series of blog post contributions from its experts on the theme. This report brings together these contributions and offers tentative conclusions about the policy direction and key outstanding issues in UK energy policy.