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Blogging for British Science Week!

13 March 2015


The British Science Week 2015 held ten-day programme to celebrate British science, technology, engineering and maths. The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (BSEER) got involved with the celebrations by posting a series of blogs in the area of science communication, energy, sustainable heritage, technology and climate change. 

The blogs showcased the great research and work taking place here at UCL and were a great success which included contributions from UCL Academics and Students across BSEER, UCL Dept of Maths and UCL Green. 

Click here to catch-up on all our blogs for British Science Week 2015

March 13

Katherine Welch: Lets Talk Science

Tia Kansara: It's getting hot in here, so take of some clothes? 

Paul Dodds: Inspiring the next generation of researchers

March 16

Moira Nicholson: The answer is blowing in the wind - tackling climate change by putting the washing on when the wind blows and the sun shines

Emma Terama: 'Girls in science: Is it a question of self esteem?

March 17

Boran Li: 'Booming energy storage industry is expected'

Katherine Curran: Translating data into action: The role of science in the management of a heritage site'

Adam Roer: What does Climate Change do for the public image of Science?

March 18

Sophie Pelsmakers: Building performance and scientific research: why we need more of it

Maike Hohberg: Why mean sometimes means meaningless – stochastic IAMs can help to assess Climate Change impacts

March 19

Gesche M Huebner: Downsize homes to downsize energy consumption

Oliver R Southwick: Who you gonna call? Mathematicians!

Xavier M L Lemaire: Will informal settlements ever be electrified by utilities?

March 20

Alex Green: Sustainability Self-Help for Universities: the campus as a test bed for research

Scott A Orr: Heritage science and the public sector