UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


A warm welcome to Professor Raimund Bleischwitz

15 May 2013

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It is with great pleasure that we formally welcome Prof Raimund Bleischwitz to the ISR team. 

Raimund has more than 20 years' experience researching environmental and resource economics and will join Prof Paul Ekins in driving forward ISR's research and teaching programmes.

He has been Co-Director on ‘Material Flows and Resource Management’ at the Wuppertal Institute (WI) in Germany, and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium for ten years.

Raimund takes the position of BHP Billiton Chair in Sustainable Global Resources.

An economist by training, Raimund has twenty years plus experience in research on environmental and resource economics, sustainability, resource efficiency & eco-innovation, incentive systems and policies, and raw material conflicts.

He was awarded fellowships at AICGS / Johns Hopkins University and at the Transatlantic Academy, both located in Washington DC, and from the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science. His leadership record comprises multi-country evaluation and study teams.

Raimund has written some 200 publications, including The Global Resource Nexus, International Resource Politics, International economics of resource efficiency, Sustainable resource management.

He wrote his PhD on resource productivity at the University of Wuppertal in 1998 and his "Habilitation" on collective goods and knowledge-creating institutions at the University of Kassel in 2005.