UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources


Louise Guibrunet

Louise is a researcher in the field of sustainable cities. She graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2010 with a BA in Political Science, and from the Bartlett in 2011 with a Msc in International Planning. Since then she has worked in Mexico as a consultant; in particular she worked on the sustainability of Mexican social housing, and on sustainable regional planning and governance applied to Mexico City.

Research subject

The objective of the research it to develop a method to represent urban material flows in the context of the informal economy. It is argued that urban metabolism studies and the methods associated (such as material flow analysis) need to integrate resource flows that take place in informal contexts in order to increase their relevance as a policy tool. The research will explore the possibility to use methods of co-production of knowledge with non-expert stakeholders to generate data on urban material flows associated with informal economic activities. The case study will be the informal markets of Tepito in Mexico City.