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ISR in conversation with David Bent on business, policy and transformation

29 March 2023, 5:30 pm–7:00 pm

Tall building and trees

Learn what transformation and state collaboration is needed for corporate sustainability to play a truly positive role in future wellbeing

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BSEER Communications – The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment


Room 225 (Seminar / Event), Common Room (Reception)
Central House
14 Upper Woburn Place
United Kingdom

Join us for the second UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources 'In Conversation' seminar in which David Bent will discuss how business, sustainability and policy will interact with future wellbeing in an uncertain world.

Summary: Over the last twenty years of working in corporate sustainability, David Bent has seen companies moving from asking, ‘Why should we act on sustainability?’ to ‘How’. This is a welcome development, but not enough. We need industrial revolutions on a deadline to secure a world where nine billion people can choose their own version of a 'good life'. Drawing on an ongoing project with the McGuiness Institute in Aotearoa New Zealand, David will explore the policy environment needed for transformation, what businesses should be asking of governments, and what governments (and citizens) should be asking for in return.

About the 'In Conversation with...' Series: This public event series will feature insightful and honest conversation on key environmental and societal topics between UCL ISR experts and guests from academia, policy, industry and civil society, and is chaired by Dr Matthew Winning (comedian, environmental economist, and author of ‘Hot Mess’). Our intention for the “In Conversation Seminar” is to create a space for diverse perspectives to share their expertise and experiences of building the sustainable future now to help inform others on their own sustainable transformation journey. The format of the public event series includes a short twenty-minute presentation from the guest speaker, a five-minute response from an ISR researcher, and then twenty-five minutes Q&A, with refreshments and networking afterwards. The UCL ISR delivers world-leading research, teaching and enterprise in the sustainable use of global resources. Our research themes range from financing the low carbon transition, to sustainability at the water-food-land nexus, to electricity market reform. While our teaching has a strong track record for equipping our graduates with the tools and knowledge to become sustainability leaders in their chosen careers.


Inmage credit: Johanes Plenio / pexels.com

About the Speaker

David Bent

David currently has several roles including: Honorary Lecturer at UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources; Edmund Hillary Fellow; Senior Associate at Skating Panda and Chair of the EIRIS Foundation (their stated mission: ‘pioneering the next steps for sustainable finance’). He produces two podcasts: ‘What can we do in these Powerful Times?’, where expert people talk about what they are doing and why and also, ‘Innovation for Sustainability’, where practitioners discuss the practicalities of delivery in business sustainability. Previously, he was Director of Sustainable Business at Forum for the Future, working with leading companies around the world on how they can be more successful by creating a sustainable future, and he was a Policy Fellow at the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge.

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