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Book launch: the Routledge Handbook of the Resource Nexus edited by Raimund Bleischwitz

07 June 2018, 5:30 pm–8:30 pm

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UCL ISR is hosting a book launch for the Routledge Handbook of the Resource Nexus, edited by ISR Deputy Director Professor Raimund Bleischwitz.

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Room G01 Ground Floor, Central House 14 Upper Woburn Place

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The concept of the resource 'nexus' has been hotly debated and is now widely adopted in research and policy circles as a powerful new way of understanding the relationships between multiple resources and their sustainable management at different scales. These include energy, water, food – and materials and land.

This event launches the Routledge Handbook of the Resource Nexus. The main editor, Raimund Bleischwitz, and a Co-editor, Catalina Spataru, both at UCL, will present this fascinating new research perspective and talk through the handbook, which comes with 32 chapters structured along six parts and has been written by more than fifty authors.

Cian O’Donovan, coordinator of the UK Nexus Network and Sussex University, will act as a discussant. A number of authors from the Routledge handbook will be present and join the discussion.

Key topics include: what is the relevance of the nexus? What research areas are best addressed and how? What is in it for broader sustainability research and stakeholders on the SDG agenda?

About the speaker

Raimund Bleischwitz is Chair in Sustainable Global Resources at University College London (UCL). He is Deputy Director at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources (UCL ISR) and will become Director of the Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources (UCL BSEER) in August 2018.

Currently he is Principal Investigator of an international collaborative project on the circular economy in China (SINCERE), and participates in a number of EU projects on eco-innovation and raw minerals (Green.EU/Inno4SD, RECREATE, POLFREE, Minatura, Mica). He had previous positions at the Wuppertal Institute in Germany, at the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium), at a Max Planck Institute, at the Institute for European Environmental Policy and in the German Bundestag; and fellowships at the Transatlantic Academy (TA) in Washington DC, at Johns Hopkins University (AICGS JHU) and in Japan (JSPS). Raimund has a PhD and a ‘Habilitation’ in economics.

His research interests cover sustainable development, resource efficiency, circular economy, the resource nexus, conflict minerals, international governance, the interface of policy and industry, and resulted in more than 250 publications. His recent book is the Routledge Handbook of the Resource Nexus.