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The Bartlett Heartland, Hinterland and Resource Nexus Network

The world is rapidly becoming more and more urbanized, with more than 50% of the population living in cities worldwide, making it apparent that cities are a focal point of present-day problems. To understand the impact on overpopulated cities, we should understand the whole system, analyse both urban and rural areas and their related problems.

The lifestyles in cities and rural areas are very intensive in regards to the consumption of energy, materials and resources, in different ways and percentages. Depending on experts’ and academics’ backgrounds, they all see existing and future problems from a different point of view, and might even observe problems that others did not.

This network aims to offer the points of view of all the different institutes of BSEER in various current aspects within their fields of expertise within an overall built environment framework, and to contribute by suggesting methodologies and ways of thinking in better plans and strategies.

As the literal sense of the words heartland and hinterland suggest, we will focus on the use of resources (energy, water, food, land) at different scale from global to local, from urban areas to remote areas of a given country. As the metaphorical sense of the same words suggest, we are aiming to provide aspects of the centre of beliefs and movements, but also hopefully roam at areas that lie beyond what is visible or known.

The network will be more dedicated towards:

  • Exploring challenges and the complexity in the field of urban and rural data and modelling
  • Presenting quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques used
  • Promoting sharing of knowledge and methods
  • Identifying synergies between different kinds of research
  • Exploring mapping and visualization
  • Analyzing energy systems
  • Discussing and suggesting policy applications
  • Stimulating diversity of themes and issues (energy, resources, transportation, heritage, etc.)


Data and modelling provide opportunities to explore the concepts of informality, and its utility to researchers involved in diverse themes, issues and geographies. The series of events will revolve around a number of topics, from resource management on a global scale, all the way down to how climate change affects buildings and vulnerable individuals. Equally, the focus varies from modelling methods and data issues down to policies and socio-cultural issues.

The ultimate goal is to raise awareness of issues and methods that could help researchers in their work and also to possibly engage in collaborations. Also, the network aims to collate and distribute information about the handling of data and modelling across different parts of the Bartlett and wider UCL.

We encourage the participation of staff and PhD students in the first place, but also welcome the participation of industry representatives that find the exploration of such issues of interest. If you are conducting research in this area or you have an interest and if you would like to join the network please contact us.


By now, a number of academics and researchers from different parts of the Bartlett have joined the network, which is represented by PhD students, academics and research staff form the following departments: The UCL Energy institute, ISR, CASA, Development Planning Unit, School of Construction and Project Management, CEGE, IEDE, School of Planning and SECRET are currently being represented .

If you are conducting research in one of the fields mentioned above and would like to join the network please contact us. 


  • Dr Catalina Spataru, UCL Energy Institute | Network Lead
  • Theo Semertzidis, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources | Network Coordinator
  • Rochelle Schneider dos Santos, UCL Institute for Environmental Design & Engineering | Network Ambassador
  • Dimitra Kizlari UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage| Network Ambassador

Participants of the Doctorate Network within The Bartlett 

Dr. Sohel Ahmed 
Research Associate, Development Planning Unit
Dr. Sulafa Badi
Research Associate School of Construction & Project Management
Mohammed Bakkali  
PhD student
Dr. Mark Barrett
Senior Lecturer, UCL Energy Institute 
Ciro Bevilacqua 
EngD Student
Dr. Vanesa Castan Broto
Lecturer, Development Planning Unit
Jon Chambers
PhD Student, UCL Energy Institute

Prof. Michael Davies
Professor of Building Physics and the Environment, Director, UCL Institute for Environmental Design & Engineering

Dr. Adam Dennett
Lecturer in Urban Analytics 
Simon Elam
Senior Research Associate, UCL Energy Institute
Elusiyan Eludoyin
PhD Student, UCL Energy Institute
Greg Erhardt
PhD Student, CASA
Prof. Andrew Hudson-Smith
Head of Department & Director, CASA 
Dr. Sean Hanna
Reader in Space and Adaptive Architecture, CASA
Dr Nikolaos Karadimitriou
Senior Lecturer, School of Planning
Priscila Lapa Villas Boas De Carvalho
PhD Student, UCL Energy Institute
Rob Liddiard
Research Associate,  UCL Energy Institute
Melissa Lott
PhD Student, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
Prof. Robert Lowe
Prof of Energy and Building Science and Director of UCL Energy Institute
Dr. Anna Mavrogianni
Lecturer in Environmental Design and Engineering, UCL Institute for Environmental Design & Engineering
Prof. Dejan Mumovic
Professor of Building Performance Analysis, UCL Institute for Environmental Design & Engineering
Prof. Tadj Oreszczyn
School Director and Professor of Energy and Environment, UCL Energy Institute
Theo Semertzidis
PhD Student, UCL Energy Institute
Ed Sharp
PhD Student, UCL Energy Institute 
Dr. Catalina Spataru
Lecturer in Energy Systems and Networks, UCL Energy Institute 
Dina Subkhankulova
PhD Student, SECRET
Trevor Sweetnam
PhD Student, UCL Energy Institute PhD Student
Philip Symonds
Research Associate, UCL Institute for Environmental Design & Engineering
Patrick Tantra
MSc Student
Dr. Emma Terama
Visiting Research Associate, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources
Dane Virk
Dr. Yiming Wang
Lecturer, School of Construction & Project Management
Prof. Fulong Wu
Bartlett Chair of Planning, School of Planning
Eleni Zafeiratou
PhD Student, UCL Energy Institute
Chen Zhong
Research Associate, CASA

Participants of the QUANTUM Doctorate Network outside The Bartlett, but within UCL

Dr. James Haworth
Lecturer, Geographic Intelligence- the spatio-temporal forecasting of data, UCL SpaceTimeLab for Big Data Analytics