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The Bartlett Postgraduate Teaching Assistants

The Bartlett Faculty of The Built Environment is committed to offering teaching assistant experience through a postgraduate teaching assistant (PGTA) programme.

About the PGTA programme

The Built Environment Faculty Office offers a number of Postgraduate Teaching Assistantships, wherein MPhil/PhD students undertake paid teaching work. The tasks PGTAs undertake vary, but typically include leading tutorial groups and marking essays. This can be a very valuable experience: it can contribute to students' intellectual development and grasp of the subject, and can also provide an additional source of income to support their studies. The skills acquired from teaching, demonstrating and facilitating can readily be applied to future careers in many fields, including academia, education, industrial research, or management.

All PGTAs must undertake appropriate development activities to support their teaching practice. UCL's Arena Centre for Research-Based Education offers a scheme for such training and development of PGTAs, called UCL Arena One.

The Doctoral Skills Development Programme also has other development opportunities that can support and enhance students' teaching roles.

Full details of UCL's Postgraduate Teaching Assistant Scheme, including information for PGTAs and Heads of Department engaging PGTAs for teaching duties, can be found on UCL's HR website.

Postgraduate Teaching Assistantships for the 2018/19 academic year have now been allocated. Posts for 2019/20 will be advertised here in June 2019.

For further information, please contact Dr Steve Ridge, Education Manager, Bartlett Faculty Office: