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Wellbeing and care in the built environment

Learn more about how The Bartlett is working with governments, industry and other universities to understand the relationship between people, buildings and the environment. 

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How do we design cities to support human health and wellbeing? What would a healthy house look like? Or a school, an office block, or even a whole neighbourhood? We’re trying to find answers to these questions in our research.

Watch the animation above to find out more about how our research is making an impact in the real world: from helping to improve indoor air quality in schools to solving overheating in new and existing homes.

Learn more about research at the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering.


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Voiceover: Poppy Chancellor 

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Map from Urban Pamphleteer #7 shows overall loss of LGBTQ+ venues from 2006–2017, produced during the course of research project LGBTQ+ Night Scenes and Spaces in London.

LGBTQ+ nightlife spaces in London

Read more about this research project from the UCL Urban Laboratory, focusing on nightlife spaces important to London's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and other (LGBTQ+) communities since 1986.

Pair of hands opening a bean pod

Medicinal markets for non-communicable diseases

Learn more about how experts from the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity are working with researchers, health professionals and academics within the Elgeyo-Marakwet community to pilot a project across three Elgeyo-Marakwet towns, exploring their health and therapeutic ecology and economy.

Seaside town with white multi story buildings in the distance

Exploring the spatial intersections of inequality

Read this blog from Dr Lucy Natarajan, Research Associate at The Bartlett School of Planning which explores the spatial intersections of inequality, adding depth to researching societal problems of the type UCL terms ‘Grand Challenges’.

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Diversity, social complexity & planned intervention

Read more about how The Bartlett Development Planning Unit is looking at the relationship between social diversity, development processes and planned interventions, exploring the ways that social identities have (or have not) been addressed through development institutions, and the associated social and development consequences.

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Challenging Space Frontiers in Hospitals

Learn more about the researchers working under The Transforming Construction Network Plus (TCN+), who teamed up with spacecraft engineers to improve how operating theatres are designed and build, increasing the productivity, scalability and faster delivery of hospital theatre projects.

Photograph of Southbank Centre with people

Health & the Environment with Environment Agency Chief Executive Sir James Bevan

Hear from Sir James Bevan, Environment Agency Chief Executive, as he discusses the ever-strengthening links between the environment and human health in his talk 'Healthcare for planets and humans: why looking after the environment is good for mind and body'.

Pair of hands with a pill in one hand and prescription bottle in the other

Mission-oriented health innovation

Read more about how The Bartlett’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose is working with UK healthcare campaigners to remind policy-makers of the importance of universal affordable healthcare.