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NHS Student Profile: Amanda Maunders

26 May 2020

MSc Healthcare Facilities student Amanda Maunders discusses her journey towards the programme, whilst working for the NHS as a Capital Planning Manager (Healthcare Planner).

Amanda Maunders and colleague showcasing new machine

Where were you based before you began studying with us at BREI?

I work for Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust as a Capital Planning Manager (Healthcare Planner), and although I have many years’ experience in industry, I didn’t hold a formal healthcare or estate management qualification.  

How did you come across MSc Healthcare Facilities?

I enrolled on a couple of Lia’s short courses where I was given real insight to the MSc in Healthcare Facilities. This was the type of course I was looking for and I discussed it with my management team who agreed I could apply. I completed my application and received a conditional offer. The condition was due to the fact that I didn’t have the qualification required, and would need to prove my competence for the course. I was given an essay, 3 hour exam and an interview which later resulted in an unconditional offer.

How did you find incorporating the MSc with your work lifestyle?

Well I’ve completed my first academic year and it has been tough managing the MSc workload into my life as well as a full time job. I have been extremely disciplined with my research on the subject matter, reading many papers, articles and journals which really helped when writing my essays. I have found it more difficult since the COVID-19 outbreak; I would normally read on my train journey to and from work, but during this time I have driven to work to avoid unnecessary crowds. I have also worked long hours setting up COVID-19 wards, staff wellbeing zones, and equipping and commissioning with a very short time allocation. BREI were very understanding, I applied for a 1 week extension for one of my essays, and I was given 3 days study leave from work to take the pressure off of me.

What did you find beneficial during the programme?

I feel I have achieved and learnt a lot in the past year, there is always a need to learn and increase our knowledge base.  As a mature student with many years’ experience working for the NHS, I also had a lot to offer the class. We often worked collaboratively and all took something away from each other that will benefit us in the future. On top of this, I can say I have made lifelong friends. I am really looking forward to my 2ndyear as a student.