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Further innovative short courses are currently in development at The Bartlett Real Estate Institute. More details – including information on when they will start and how to apply – will be available here soon.  

01 / The future of retail

An overseas, retail-focused membership organisation has approached us to develop a bespoke course that will look into the changing world of retailing and retail real estate.

This enquiry has occurred at a time when there are real challenges in the retailing area, as our daily news frequently reminds us. It is clear that there are many issues and areas of expertise that need to be considered if we are to find solutions to the challenges faced by those involved in retail real estate.

02 / Cities, regions, nations – and the role of major sporting events

UCL’s move onto the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has generated interest in exploring the business cases needed to justify both the initial bidding and the legacies arising from the facilities and other built environment investments necessary to host major sporting events.

This is a growing area of opportunity and one fraught with challenge, as it requires careful planning, leadership and stakeholder engagement to ensure that the substantial sums invested have a positive return on investment.

03 / Off-world living

The European Space Agency is interested in the challenges and possibilities arising from creating a permanent settlement on the moon – a ‘moon village’. BREI is seeking to play a critical ‘hub’ role for UCL’s many and varied interests in this idea, which would draw on expertise from across the university.

The key driver would be to identify what would be needed to design, create, operate and live in such a moon village, but the value of investigating this area would also have more immediate benefits to those of us still intending to live on planet Earth. These include:

  • Extreme attention to efficient and effective design
  • Fully integrated and truly ‘smart’ materials and assemblies
  • How to provide a safe, secure and enjoyable environment using the least space and minimum materials.

Past event: Co-designing Complex Healthcare Facilities for Performance

healthcare facilities 3d format

Preparing complex organisations for new facilities and technology is a key success factor for the long-term sustainability and increased performance of an organisation.

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Past event: A Workshop on Protecting Applied Technology with Patents

UCL Innovation and Enterprise logo

This bespoke day-long workshop, organized by the Bartlett Real Estate Institute UCL in collaboration with UCL Innovation and Enterprise and UCLBusiness offers a first insight in the basics of patenting.

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Past event: Nature and Healthcare Design

State of the art healthcare building
Nature and Health are interlinked. In design practice though, they often end up in different silos. This short course aims to bring them together by gathering UCL and UK academics with distinguished international practitioners.

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Past event: Immersive Technologies for Healthcare

Woman wearing VR headset

A one-day interactive course held by the Bartlett Real Estate Institute that explored immersive healthcare technologies. December 2018.

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