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The Bartlett Real Estate Institute is hiring

5 July 2017

The Bartlett Real Estate Institute is looking for a full time Lecturer/Senior Lecturer.

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The Bartlett Real Estate institute aims to be the world’s leading institute of solution-driven, transdisciplinary research, teaching and executive education for the built environment.

It will spearhead the understanding needed to create and deliver a fully integrated built environment which unlocks opportunities and delivers sustainable socio-economic growth around the world.

To achieve this vision, the institute is seeking a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer.

The candidate must have specialist knowledge, understanding and expertise in an area of Health Care Places. They will have demonstrated competence and capability in teaching, research and relations with practitioners nationally and internationally which complements existing expertise within the Bartlett.

The closing date for submissions is 30 July.

If you have any queries regarding the vacancy or the application process, please contact Alice Chilver, a.chilver@ucl.ac.uk, 020 7679 7253.

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