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On this page you'll find information about The Bartlett and UCL's employment policies and initiatives, as well as support networks and benefits for staff.

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Here at The Bartlett we pride ourselves on being a great place to work. We continually seek ways to improve the working environment for our people, because we know they are our greatest asset. 

Equal opportunities and dignity at work

The Bartlett is an Equal Opportunities employer and is committed to ensuring that all individuals have equal opportunities for employment and promotion.

As part of UCL, we share the university's policies on Dignity at Work, which aim to protect our staff from unacceptable behaviour.

Our commitment to equality and staff support

As part of UCL, Bartlett staff have access to range of advice and networks offering support for minorities and other groups.

Black and minority ethnic (BME) staff 

UCL is proud of being one of the first universities in the UK to receive a Race Equality Charter Bronze Award (in January 2016) in recognition of its efforts to address racial inequality in Higher Education.

Staff can access to a range of support and resources:

Staff with disabilities

UCL staff who have a disability can have access to comprehensive support in the workplace.

Find out more:

LGBTQ+ staff

UCL was the first university to join Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions programme in 2014.

LGBTQ+ staff at UCL can have access to a range of support and resources:

Women at UCL

UCL has a Silver Athena SWAN award for its efforts to tackle gender inequality in Higher Education:

Religion and belief equality

UCL has comprehensive policies to ensure that all students and staff practising religions at UCL are treated with respect: 

Work-life balance and staff benefits

Work-life balance is vital to promote job satisfaction, and the recruitment and retention of skilled and competent employees.

The Bartlett has various arrangements through which work-life balance can be achieved, making the department a family-friendly place to work.

Flexible working

The Bartlett supports formal and informal arrangements for flexible working at all levels. Various flexible working options are on offer, including:

  • flexitime
  • annualised hours
  • job sharing
  • part-time working
  • remote working

Meet some of our staff who use flexible working arrangements

Michelle Shipworth
Michelle Shipworth, Lecturer in Energy and Social Science and Director of Ethics for The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources
I enjoy working at home a couple of days a week; it is very quiet and I can see the garden. I am sure that this varied diet of work location helps maintain my mental, as well as physical, health.

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Kim Novelli
Kim Novelli, Enterprise and Research Project Manager at The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources
In the short term it is allowing me to visit my Mum on a regular basis. In the long term I am able to better manage my health issues and still have an amazing job. 

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Staff benefits

UCL staff benefits are applied equally, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Benefits and policies relating to employees' partners apply equally to same-sex and different-sex partners.

Family and Children

Shared parental leave enables eligible mothers, fathers, partners and adopters to choose how to share time off work after their child is born or placed.

Sabbatical Leave upon return

To mark its commitment to gender equality in academic careers, UCL provides the opportunity for one term of sabbatical leave, without teaching commitments, to be taken by research-active academic employees returning from maternity leave, additional paternity leave (of more than 3 months' duration) or adoption leave. 

Enhanced leave for carers

Staff that have caring responsibilities for dependants may be granted up to five days' carer's leave with full pay within any 12-month period.

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