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MOIN Casebook 2021

Compiled of eight stories from around the world, the casebook paints an emerging picture of how mission-oriented innovation is being implemented by public actors globally.

2021 MOIN Casebook

19 January 2022

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The 2021 MOIN Casebook showcases a wide range of ongoing mission programmes in public agencies globally; from achieving 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030 (the European Union), to ensuring that all Dutch citizens live 5 years longer in good health by 2040 (Health~Holland), to ensuring that every street in Sweden is healthy, sustainable and full of life by 2030 (Vinnova).  Further stories hail from CSIRO (Australia), Greater Manchester Combined Authority (UK), Valencia City (Spain), The Clyde (Scotland) and Camden (UK). 

The casebook delves into these missions’ programmes; describing their political context, the implementation approach, the challenges faced, and also shares the lessons learned to-date by the missions teams.