UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

Mr Stefan Horn

Mr Stefan Horn

Senior Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

Arts and Sciences (BASc)

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Joined UCL
10th Jan 2022

Research summary

Stefan Horn is a PhD candidate in Innovation and Public Policy under the supervision of Dr Josh Ryan-Collins as principal supervisor and Professor Jo Williams as a second supervisor. Stefan’s research centres on the fundamental idea that unconditional private ownership of co-created and natural resources encourages unsustainable demand for them. In his thesis he investigates the role of economic rents in sustainable cities with a particular focus on a the dwelling sector. The built environment plays a critical part in both the climate crisis and value extraction through economic rents. The goals are to provide a conceptual foundation for understanding the role of economic rent in sustainable cities and to substantiate the role of economic rent for sustainability in the broader economy. Stefan’s wider research interests include the circular economy, citizen’s dividends, and architectural and economic history. Stefan’s PhD is funded by the Bittner PhD Sustainability Scholarship.


Stefan has an academic and professional background in political economy and architecture. After graduating from the University St.Gallen and the London School of Economics he worked in infrastructure finance in London and New York. He subsequently studied architecture earning a degree from the ETSAB in Barcelona. During his architecture education Stefan became aware of the important role of political economic institutions in a sustainable built environment, which animated him to engage in further research in this area.