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IIPP welcomes a new cohort of Master of Public Administration students in 2020-21

28 October 2020

The UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP)’s MPA programme brings together future leaders from around the world to rethink the role of the public sector. It focuses on tackling societal challenges through new ways of thinking and new organisational capabilities.

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Following a successful first year of the IIPP Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Innovation, Public Policy and Public Value, IIPP has now welcomed its 2020-21 cohort of Masters students to their unique post-graduate degree. Over the next year, IIPP MPA students will be taught the dynamic skills required for purpose-driven organisations — in public, private, and civil sectors — to confront the grand challenges of the 21st century.

This new cohort brings a diverse range of views and experiences; the 2020 MPA includes designers, innovation policy specialists, lawyers, and educators. They care about issues ranging from land and housing to gender and social movements. With students hailing from 22 different countries spanning across six continents, IIPP hopes to foster a learning environment which encourages collaboration and productive debate to nurture future leaders driven by public purpose.

Due to COVID-19, IIPP have successfully shifted their teaching online to adapt to one of the biggest challenges faced this century. Focussing on relationships between faculty and students, this will continue in the coming academic year. Across the MPA modules, IIPP faculty members are increasing interactivity, decreasing group sizes, and taking advantage of online capabilities. 

For this cohort of MPA students, IIPP is teaching both face-to-face and online, with approximately half of the cohort opting in to face-to-face seminar teaching in London; all large lectures remain online. Safety remains the top priority, so these plans will continually be updated to reflect the public health situation in the UK.

Upon welcoming the new MPA students to IIPP, Founding Director and UCL Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value Mariana Mazzucato says,

Our aim in the MPA programme is to offer new tools to build a very different type of society: more inclusive and sustainable with a strong public sector that can help steer the ship. I’m thrilled to have such a talented, diverse group of purpose-driven students joining IIPP on our mission, and I cannot wait to involve them in our global work.

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IIPP are excited to meet this new generation of leaders driven by public purpose. In the coming weeks, we will be speaking to a few students about the year ahead, their hopes for the MPA programme and learning more about each of them. Stay tuned to IIPP News for our Meet the future of public value: Spotlight on MPA Student… series.


For information about studying at IIPP, please contact Isha Reid, Teaching and Learning Administrator at IIPP: 
Email: iipp.studentenquiries@ucl.ac.uk