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The UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) is changing how public value is imagined, practiced and evaluated to tackle societal challenges.

The mission of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP)  is to change how public value is imagined, practiced and evaluated to tackle societal challenges — delivering economic growth that is innovation-led, sustainable and inclusive.

Growth has not only a rate but also a direction: IIPP confronts this directionality head on. Finding solutions to global challenges requires purposeful organisations to collaborate in fundamentally new ways—across the state, businesses and civil society. Together, they can help reshape markets to produce growth that delivers public value. Building symbiotic eco-systems requires new tools and new forms of collaborations.

IIPP rethinks the role of the state in these collaborations. Rather than just a market fixer, it can be an active co-creator of value. A mission-oriented approach can be used to set inspirational goals, with dynamic tools—from procurement to prize schemes—to nurture bottom up experimentation and exploration across different sectors. IIPP’s research and teaching helps create the new economic thinking and practical tools to make this a reality.

In order to achieve this mission, IIPP works across a number of key areas:

New research for a new movement
Our interdisciplinary research tackles the complex relationships between economic, technological and social changes, covering four pillars of inquiry.

    Training the next generation of leaders
    Our network of mission-led organisations and teaching programmes connect theories of innovation with new thinking about public value creation.

      Global policy impact
      We help global policy makers discover better solutions to complex problems — in areas like industrial strategy, innovation policy, economic development, and institutional design.

        Engaging the public
        To create a radical shift in economic thinking, we must share our ideas with wider society. We do so in an interdisciplinary way, working closely with the worlds of arts, economics, architecture and design.

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          IIPP is a department within University College London (UCL) — founded in 1826 to solve grand challenges — and part of The Bartlett faculty, known internationally for its radical thinking about space, design and sustainability. We apply our critical thinking to research and thought leadership; teaching and training; influencing public policy; and engaging the broader public.