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Convergence and Divergence in Conceptualising and Planning the Sustainable City

11 May 2015

A special section of Area Volume 47, Issue 2, guest edited by Dr Andrew Harris (UCL Geography) and Dr Susan Moore (UCL Bartlett School of Planning).

Featuring contributions from UCL's Brian Garcia, Professor Matthew GandyDr Susan MooreProfessor Mike RacoDr Elizabeth Rapoport and Professor Yvonne Rydin.

This special section navigates the contested terrain of the sustainable city and aims to develop new entry points for interdisciplinary dialogue and research. Six contributions from geography and planning critically engage with the simultaneous convergence of sustainable city visions and universal models of ‘best practice’ and the demonstrable divergence in how these visions and models are conceptualised and adopted in specific urban contexts. 

The papers unpack the implications of an emphasis on models and modelling of the sustainable city in relation to masterplanning, building assessment, governance, green urbanism, pedagogy and critical urban enquiry.

Area Special Section: Convergence and Divergence in Conceptualising and Planning the Sustainable City. Guest Editors: Andrew Harris and Susan Moore

© Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) Volume 47, Issue 2 Pages 106 - 215, June 2015

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Convergence and divergence in conceptualising and planning the sustainable city: an introduction (pages 106–109)
Andrew Harris and Susan Moore 
Globalising sustainable urbanism: the role of international masterplanners (pages 110–115)
Elizabeth Rapoport
Mobilising sustainable building assessment models: agents, strategies and local effects (pages 116–123)
James Faulconbridge
Sustainable city-building and the new politics of the possible: reflections on the governance of the London Olympics 2012 (pages 124–131)
Mike Raco 
Modelling green urbanism in China (pages 132–140)
C P Pow and Harvey Neo
Sustainable city education: the pedagogical challenge of mobile knowledge and situated learning (pages 141–149)
Susan Moore, Yvonne Rydin and Brian Garcia 
From urban ecology to ecological urbanism: an ambiguous trajectory (pages 150–154)
Matthew Gandy