The Bartlett School of Planning


Teachers, advisers and parents

The Bartlett School of Planning is an internationally renowned centre for undergraduate and postgraduate study and research.

The Royal Town Planning Institute describes planning as a career where people are involved with:

  • helping to design our towns and cities to include attractive buildings and public spaces, and to promote healthy lifestyles
  • helping to regenerate socially-deprived areas and creating new jobs
  • managing development and helping to create affordable housing
  • tackling the effects of climate change helping to protect our environment
  • creating policies for managing traffic and providing sustainable solutions to our transport needs
  • improving energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions in our homes, factories and businesses
  • engaging communities to have a say in how their living space is developed and protected to improve their quality of life.

You can find more information on planning as a career on the RTPI's Education and Career web page. 

The Bartlett School of Planning, however, offers a broader education than just professional planning and many of our students go on to find success in a wide range of careers.

  • We provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand change in the built environment and to help shape it.
  • Our courses prepare students for working in a variety of professional areas: urban planning, urban regeneration, urban design, planning for infrastructure and real estate, to name just some of the key areas.
  • Some of our students are interested in our programmes as an alternative, say, to geography or other social science programmes because of the academic study they offer of topics such as cities, sustainability, social change and urban politics.
  • Our students go on to work in the public and private sectors in the UK and also in countries worldwide, finding employment in local authorities, central government departments and agencies, consultancies and non-governmental organisations.

We ensure that all our students make the most of their time at The Bartlett School of Planning and are well prepared for life after university.

We run a full pastoral care system for all our students whereby each student is allocated a personal tutor for their time at The Bartlett School of Planning, with whom they have regular meetings to discuss how things are going and deal with any problems that arise.

We also provide a careers programme and offer internship opportunities, where possible, to undergraduates.