The Bartlett School of Planning

Dr Lauren Andres

Dr Lauren Andres

Associate Professor in Urban Planning

The Bartlett School of Planning

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Jan 2020

Research summary

I am an urban planner, with over 15 years of experience, including more than ten years in UK Higher Education. My research focuses on understanding ‘urban transformations, at different spatial and temporal scales and examined through different conceptual lensesOne of my key contributions is in the emerging field of 'temporary urbanism'. I have a keen interest in interdisciplinary and comparative research, having successfully led and co-led thirteen interdisciplinary projects, with a strong European and international dimension (South and East Africa, Brazil and Russia). 

My research contribution is in the field of planning and urban studies. I have a specific interest in the following areas:

  • deconstructing the ‘trajectory’ of transformation of spaces within small and large scale regeneration, exploring both past, present and future dynamics;
  • decrypting urban temporalities and their role in place-making and the governance of space through what I name 'temporary urbanism';

  • reflecting upon the challenges faced to implement sustainable and resilient planning at community, city and regional levels; 
  • developing systems thinking for healthier cities, where planning, economic development, transport and environmental policy are viewed holistically, to tackle key economic and environmental challenges, including air pollution;
  • assess the needs and challenges of altering planning education and practice in changing and very diverse planning systems, specifically in the Global South to address capacity and skills shortages.

Teaching summary

Since 2004, I have trained planning students in the UK and in France and also taught planning to geographers, architects and engineers. In both countries the teaching cohorts included home and overseas students which has provided me with experience of addressing the challenges of very diverse students, with distinct learning skills, cultures and expectations.


My teaching is research-led. I typically use my recent projects in South and East Africa to challenge the students about the values and role given to urban planning and how this transfers into the physical design of cities, in the Global South. I then demonstrate what this means with regard to balancing contrasting interests, differential power relationships, severe spatial and social segregations and what are the key challenges for transforming urban spaces in the future.


At the Bartlett School of Planning, I currently teach:


2019-2020: BPML0015 Comparative Urban Projects (MSc, module lead)

2019-2020: BPLN0027 Critical Issues in Infrastructure Funding and Finance (MSc,  module lead) 

2019-2020: BPLN0014: Critical Debates in Real Estate and Planning

2019-2020: BPLN0064: Case Studies in Preparing Regeneration Projects


I joined the Bartlett School of Planning in January 2020 as Associate Professor in Urban Planning. I was previously a Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in Spatial Planning, at the University of Birmingham (2009-2019). I originally trained in France, as an urban geographer (BSc-2002, MSc-2003) and urban planner (M.Phil-2004). I completed my PhD in Urban Planning in 2008, at the 'Institut d'urbanisme de Grenoble' (Université Pierre Mendes France) where I was also lecturing (part-time and full-time) between 2004 and 2008.