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Paul Hildreth

Research subject

Thesis title: Understanding the Contribution of Governance Institutions Towards Shaping Economic Geography of Place: a Local and National Perspective

Joint Primary supervisor: Mike Raco
Joint Primary supervisor: Nick Phelps
Starting date: October 2011
Projected completion date: December 2017

An examination of the contribution that governance institutions might make to the realisation of economic and social potential of sub-national places. This study will not just address the role of sub-national governance institutions in their geographical context. It will also consider the role of national government in its interaction with sub-national places and implications for multi-governance arrangements between the national and the local. Given claims that ‘the place-based approach is the new paradigm of regional policy’, modern place-based approaches will be important to the framework for study. Contrasts will be made with other institutional perspectives. The study will be given practical context through a detailed institutional case study focused around the Mersey Dee Alliance economic area crossing the national boundaries of England and Wales.


Paul is a UK and international advisor on cities, regions and local economies. He has a record of achievement in national policy work and in local economic development, governance and community leadership, from working in and with local, regional and national governments. His distinctive contribution is expertise in working across policy practice and academia.

He is Chair of the Policy Committee and Board Member of the Regional Studies Association, Associate Director of Mickledore regional development consultancy and Non-Executive Director of Cambridge Econometrics.  In 2014, he contributed to the Research Evaluation Framework of UK Universities (REF 2014) as a member of the Architecture, Build Environment and Planning Sub-Panel.

He has been an expert advisor to international (e.g. Council of Europe and OECD) and UK national organisations (e.g. Centre for Cities, Work Foundation, Department for Communities and Local Government, CABE), Visiting Policy Fellow at SURF at Salford University and Associate for the Centre for London.  He has published on regional policy, place-shaping, governance and localism, city-regions, medium-sized cities and sub-national economic policy.

He is undertaking a PhD part-time at the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL.

Publications and other work


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