The Bartlett School of Planning


Barlett School of Planning Public Lecture Series 2015/16

4 June 2015


The Bartlett School of Planning is pleased to announce the following schedule for the Public Lecture Series 2015/16: 

29 October 2015 –

Speaker: Prof. Peter Rees, CBE, UCL Bartlett School of Planning.  

Title: “London - the World’s Greatest Unplanned City”

Location: Darwin B40

26 November 2015 –

Speaker: Prof. John D Landis, University of Pennsylvania.

Title: “Tracking and Explaining Neighbourhood Change in U.S. Metro Areas, 1990 to 2010"

Location: Gordon Street (25) E28 Harrie Massey LT

28 January 2016 –

Speaker: Dr Michèle Dix, CBE, Crossrail 2

Title: TBC

Location: Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT

25 February 2016 –

Speaker: Prof. Rob Kitchen, National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Title: “Data-driven, networked urbanism”

Location: Darwin B40

26 May 2016 –

Speaker: Prof. Ruth Fincher, AM, University of Melbourne (Sir Peter Hall lecture)

Title: TBC

Location: Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT

The Bartlett School of Planning Lecture Series is supported by Capita’s property and infrastructure business, a leading multidisciplinary consultancy that provides real estate, design, project delivery, infrastructure, and business transformation services. www.capita.co.uk/property