The Bartlett School of Planning


Prof. Catalina Turcu awarded funding to research Green Infrastructure  

6 February 2024

Professor Catalina Turcu has received funding for the project titled 'Climate Adaptation and Health Co-benefits of Green Infrastructure in the London Borough of Islington (CRAFTIslington)'.


CRAFTIslington is funded by UCL Public Public Policy's Rapid Response Policy Advisory Scheme (EPSRC and AHRC IAA) to develop urgent solutions to policy demand. The project aims to collaborate with Islington’s Pocket Park Framework (PPF) and will focus on three main tasks: 

  1. Map climate and health benefits of PPF - by developing a benefits matrix of green infrastructure adaptation  
  2. Propose a monitoring framework of green infrastructure adaptation - by drawing on SDG and ESG targets  
  3. Investigate potential for scaling-out and scaling-up - by assessing synergies and tensions with other climate policies at the borough and GLA level.  

CRAFTIslington is hosted by UCL SDG Research Accelerator and aligns with work under the UCL-Islington MoU.

Prof. Catalina Turcu lectures on the programme 'Sustainable Urbanism MSc' and on the following modules: 'BPLN0106 Sustainable Urban Development Project' and 'BPLN0114 SDGs, Climate Action and Spatial Planning'.