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New Report: Local Authority Direct Provision of Housing in England 2023

24 July 2023

Professor Janice Morphet and Professor Ben Clifford have released a desk survey report

Color image of a typical English row of houses with chimneys.

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This desk survey report of all English local authorities has been undertaken as part of wider research into local authorities’ direct provision of housing in 2023. The full research report will be released in autumn 2023. 

  • The survey shows increased housing activity across most local authorities despite challenges such as inflationary costs.
  • Many councils are using their own land and buildings for housing development.
  • Partnerships with housing associations and developers continue.
  • Affordable housing and climate change objectives are prioritised.
  • London Boroughs lead in delivering homes.
  • Brownfield Land Release Funding and One Public Estate programme play vital roles.
  • Local authorities are focusing on regeneration and master planning.
  • Overall, 94% of local authorities engage in housing provision through various methods.

The full report, to be published in September 2023, will provide further details on challenges and responses. Read the desk survey report above.