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New 'Circularity @ UCL' website launched

23 January 2023

The website provides a gateway to UCL's research and teaching activities across three broad themes: circular economy, circular built environment and circular cities and regions.

Circular Cities

Visit the Circularity @ UCL website

Circularity is a theme which has grown in popularity internationally over the past decade. Here at University College London we have a wealth of expertise in all things circular, which cuts across faculties, research and teaching.

UCL is a global leader in Circular research. We cover topics across three broad themes: circular economy, circular built environment and circular cities and regions. We have several Labs, Hubs and Institutes which focus on circular themes. To maximise our research potential in this area, we need to build capacity internally, by increasing awareness within our community of what each other do and to enable new working relationships to flourish. Thus, we have created a website Circularity @ UCL, which will provide a gateway to the research and teaching activities currently operating across the university. We have also developed a database of the key experts working in this field. 

With support from the Global Engagement Office we are also establishing international partnerships in the field of Circular research and teaching. The first partnership will be with TU Delft (Netherlands). University College London and TU Delft are global leaders in circular research and teaching. Our impact could be immense if we combine forces. Thus, we are currently in the process of establishing a number of joint ventures through our Circular Partnership.  Initially we are focussing on enabling PhD exchanges, joint research seminars and workshops. However, if successful we intend to expand this to other joint teaching and research ventures.

The Global Engagement Office is supporting The Circulars, a seminar series which will show-case the cutting edge research being undertaken at UCL and TU Delft relating to: circular economy, circular built environment, circular cities and regions. The series will enable access to some of the best global researchers in this field. It will be co-hosted by UCL and TU Delft. The series will begin later this year. Towards the end of 2023, UCL will also host an international workshop focused on Circular Cities and Regenerative Regions, which will be designed to build future research collaborations with key international partners.

Professor Jo Williams is the instigator of this initiative. She is the founder and Director of the Circular Cities Hub. She is a Professor of Sustainable Development in the Bartlett School of Planning and a visiting professor at TU Delft (Netherlands). She is an expert in regenerative, circular urban systems. She has acted in an advisory capacity for international organizations including: UN Habitat, UNEP, European Environment Agency, European Investment Bank and OECD in this area. She has also been engaged by nation states, consultancies and cities to advise on the implementation of regenerative, circular urban systems. She is the author of over 100 publications, including two books about circular cities and circular metropolitan regions.  

For more information about the circular partnership, the circulars  or international circular workshop please contact:  Professor Jo Williams  (Director of the Circular Cities Hub) .