The Bartlett School of Planning


BSP students win People's Choice Award at Sudbury 2050

31 March 2021

BSP undergraduate Bryan Goh gives an overview of the competition and the group's submission below. Congratulations to all.


Over the summer of 2020, we were in lockdowns in various cities at home in Asia. Interestingly, we came across the opportunity to apply our knowledge and skills garnered during our time at the Bartlett School of Planning and compete on the world stage.

Sudbury 2050 is a competition organised by the McEwen School of Architecture (MSoA) in collaboration with the local community. It draws focus on the urban core of the city and invites entrants to explore various options and opportunities to evolve the city’s downtown through the formulation of urban design principles to guide Sudbury’s development till the 2050s and beyond.

Unfortunately, none of us had ever been to Sudbury, and we did not want to plan a city that could be just anywhere. Despite being thousands of miles away, we gathered as much quantitative and qualitative data as we could. This evidence-based approach and community engagement strategies formed the foundation of our planning and design.

Our project ‘Bold and Beautiful’ under Team #4245 managed to emerge as finalists. We had the opportunity to present our work to an international jury and the local community, and ultimately won the People’s Choice Award. In our work, we envision a biophilic, age-friendly Sudbury which promotes diverse arts and culture. Our work draws on familiar planning concepts of the Compact City, Public Transport Integration, Liveable Neighbourhoods, Greenways and the Cultural Economy. Ultimately, it builds upon Sudbury's historic industrial strength while encouraging innovation and excellence moving forward.

The participating group members are:

  • Bryan Jian Hao Goh (Singapore, UPDM)
  • Rachel Yi En Chiam (Singapore, UPDM)
  • Charmaine Chua Wei Ying (Singapore, exchange student from Yale-NUS College)
  • Nabhatsorn (Ploy) Na Thalang (Thailand, UPRE)
  • Tessa Hui Zhi Tan(Singapore, UPDM)
  • Chun Ho Christopher Wong (Hong Kong, UPRE)

More information can be found here: https://sudbury2050.ca/winners/. This will contain our key proposals, graphics and a recording of the final presentations on zoom.