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Solving the challenges of rapid urbanisation in Mongolia: The Bartlett Annual Review

18 January 2021

Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin, Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick and Enkhjin Batjargal contribute to The Bartlett Annual Review 2020

A ger in Mongolia

Read in The Bartlett Annual Review 2020

The Bartlett Annual Review puts the past remarkable year in focus and examines the most pressing issues for the built environment in 2020. Explore the faculty's insights and ideas on the climate crisis, diversity and inclusion in urban spaces, and what the future could hold as we recover from the pandemic.

Mongolia tends to conjure images of open landscapes, horses and 'gers' – the yurt-style round tents used to house the nomadic pastoralists tending their livestock on the steppe. But as the country experiences rapid urbanisation, the ger lifestyle has increasingly become a feature of city dwelling, bringing its own challenges in social equity and mobility. And that’s what a new multinational research project, led by The Bartlett School of Planning at UCL and the University of Melbourne, is hoping to solve.

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