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How can we tackle spatial inequality in the UK? The Bartlett Annual Review

10 January 2021

Professor John Tomaney and Dr Lucy Natarajan contribute to The Bartlett Annual Review 2020

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Read in The Bartlett Annual Review 2020

The Bartlett Annual Review puts the past remarkable year in focus and examines the most pressing issues for the built environment in 2020. Explore the faculty's insights and ideas on the climate crisis, diversity and inclusion in urban spaces, and what the future could hold as we recover from the pandemic.

Figures suggest that the UK has higher levels of regional inequality than any other large wealthy country. Tackling this deep and seemingly intractable problem requires new thinking, and new approaches. 

In the report ‘Make No Little Plans: Acting at Scale for a Fairer and Stronger Future’, the UK2070 Commission, a joint initiative from the Lincoln Institute, Sheffield University, Manchester University and UCL, chaired by Lord Kerslake, lays out how we might heal the great divide.

Professor John Tomaney and Dr Lucy Natarajan outline findings in the review.

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