The Bartlett School of Planning


MPlan City Planning students awarded 2nd place in Bartlett Hacks

1 July 2020

Bartlett Hacks image

Bartlett Hacks is an online hackathon designed to foster collaboration and develop ideas for the urgent climate emergency we still face during the coronavirus crisis and helping build resilience for a post-pandemic world.

A group of students on the MPlan City Planning programme came together to consider how we can retain some of the beneficial ways in which urban habits have been forced to change during lockdown. Their proposal, 'Feet on the Street', seeks to maintain quieter, more social streets as spaces for greater community interaction.

Judges praised the well thought through and feasible proposal which detailed how Street Plans may be integrated into wider local plans, and how digital platforms could be used to ensure that the Plans were democratically created through community consultation.

Congratulations to Helen Carter, Sikhharini Cintantyadwisthi, Lili Pandolfi, Henry Mellen, Zixuan Xiong and Kulkiran Bedi. 

See the proposal and full results on the Bartlett Hacks website.